Our Story

We are a small start-up company consisting of a wife + husband dreaming to share our CBD experience with the rest of the world. While we were dating & getting to know each other, it came to light that one of us had suffered from epilepsy. Thought to be the result of a head injury, epilepsy was present for 5 years with petite mal seizures and a couple of medically induced grand mal seizures. Doctors immediately suggested narcotics that created irritability, vomiting, nausea, loss of balance and drowsiness. For a young child, this was limiting and depressing. Around 13 years old, epilepsy just went away, and doctors said it had been outgrown. It was only while bouncing off stories, that we both asked each other, "when did you start consuming cannabis?". Thirteen.
Through the internet, we were able to find out there were recent studies linking CBDs to epilepsy. We knew there and then that we wanted to do something with this someday. Since then, we have used CBDs to help us enrich our own lives and we couldn't be more excited to have this opportunity to share with everyone. 
That's why we stand behind our product and we are proud & humbled by what we have learned in the process to create Suyana.